Upgrade Basic to Comprehensive Analysis

Regular price $100.00

If you had booked a Basic semen analysis and need to upgrade to a Comprehensive Semen Analysis this is what you need to purchase. This will add to the  Basic analysis by including:

  • Biochemical studies if required (e.g., fructose, peroxidase) - important when there is a concern about blockages and/or infection.
  • Post ejaculate urine evaluation for quantification of retrograde ejaculation - this is important in patients with diabetes or those men that have had surgery that might affect ejaculation.

You can always add (prescription required):

  • Optional: Antisperm Antibody test. Important when motility is low and/or agglutination is high
  • Optional: Sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay. Important when semen analysis appears normal or when recurrent miscarriages are occurring. Also, important in older men and those men that have had gonadotoxic therapy.

This upgrade option is only available if you had purchased a Basic semen analysis and your specimen is at the lab ready to be processed. It cannot be ordered after your specimen has already been analyzed.