Testis Tissue Processing

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Two testis biopsy specimens when transported to our laboratory for processing, one year of storage, and consultation with our Medical Director is $2,000.00. Availability and times for this service are limited and prior coordination between the patient, surgeon, and New York Cryo is required. Once you request this service we will contact you and your surgeon to find out the expected number of specimens and to coordinate. You will not be charged until we discuss with you and the surgeon the procedure and commit, in writing, to process your specimens. Please complete the information requested and we will contact you to discuss the process.

 Included in this cost:

  1. Processing of a single specimen*
  2. Documentation of the presence (or absence) of sperm including quantification and image documentation

*For clarity, if both right and left testis biopsies are performed then the charge is twice the amount shown here. If a microTESE has been performed the charge will depend on the number of specimens received. Please contact us for pricing.

Not included in the cost:

  1. Transport of the tissue from the facility at which it was retrieved to New York Cryo.
  2. The cost of the required blood tests.
  3. Your surgeon's fee or any charges not related to processing and storage of your specimens by New York Cryo.

The following documents are required within the time frame specified for specimens to be processed and stored. 

  1. A written request for processing and storage from the surgeon retrieving the specimen(s) due prior to the day of specimen retrieval.
  2. Required blood tests, which include infectious disease testing, are due within 7 days of the date of tissue retrieval.
  3. Specimen storage consent and agreement (sent and completed by the patient electronically) are due 24 hours prior to tissue retrieval.

Please call us with questions (516-487-2700)