Semen Analysis - Post-Vasectomy

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A post-vasectomy semen analysis is an evaluation of an ejaculated specimen performed after the vasectomy. The absence of sperm on two or more centrifuged specimens, given by the patient a week or more apart, is usually required to confirm the clearance of sperm from the ejaculate. A Post-Vasectomy Semen Analysis consists of:

  • Volume - a measure of the amount of seminal fluid.
  • Concentration - the number of sperm in a specified volume of ejaculate.
  • Total Count - the total number of sperm in the specimen.
  • Motility - how the sperm move. The test includes both the percent of motile sperm as well as a measure of how fast, and in what direction, they move.
  • Viability - If sperm are present, but not moving, this test identifies whether they are alive.
  • Fructose test - when no sperm are seen this test confirms that the specimen contained fluid from the seminal vesicle.

Please review the Semen Specimen Requirements.