Comprehensive Semen Analysis

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A Comprehensive Semen Analysis is what you need if you are concerned about your fertility. Together with a consultation with a Male Fertility Specialist and Blood studies, it forms the basic evaluation of male fertility. We use manual and computer-assisted analysis to give the most accurate and diagnostic evaluation. A comprehensive semen analysis consists of:

  • Complete semen analysis, including
    • Volume - a measure of the amount of seminal fluid
    • Concentration - the number of sperm in a specified volume of ejaculate
    • Count - the total number of sperm in the specimen
    • Motility - how the sperm move. The test includes both the percent of motile sperm as well as a measure of how fast and in what direction, they move.
    • Morphology (both WHO and “strict criteria”) - how the sperm look. This has been correlated with how the sperm function.
  • Biochemical studies if required (e.g., fructose, peroxidase) - important when there is a concern about blockages and/or infection.
  • Post-ejaculate urine evaluation for quantification of retrograde ejaculation - this is important in patients with diabetes or those men that have had surgery that might affect ejaculation.
  • Optional: Antisperm Antibody test. Important when motility is low and/or agglutination is high
  • Optional: Sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay. Important when semen analysis appears normal or when recurrent miscarriages are occurring. Also, important in older men and those men that have had gonadotoxic therapy.

All specimens are dropped off or produced at 900 Northern Blvd., Suite 230, Great Neck, NY 11021.  Please review the Semen Specimen Collection Requirements.